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Welding technology for sustainable quality

Our goal is to ensure durable and safe construction that meets highest standards. Whether on-site at your plant or at our premises – all welding tests are performed by certified specialists. In addition, we offer welding training to your employees to ensure the quality of the work in the long term.

Welding supervision

We carry out welding supervision both in-house and on-site at the plant. Our specialists are regularly engaged as welding supervisors during revisions of power plants and industrial facilities. Among other things, we have comprehensively and successfully accompanied projects in the field of transport and turning racks for hazardous goods containers.  

Our services for you:

  • Review of the welding documents in our premises by a welding engineer
  • Supervision of the welding work on site 

Welding training with certified know-how

Together with our partner company, we train welders in MAG, TIG, manual arc and gas welding and train our customers' employees worldwide on various welding machines such as plasma, TIG, MAG or submerged arc welding machines. 

For this purpose, we not only prepare the curricula and the teaching material, but also conduct necessary welder and welding procedure examinations on demand. 

Welding engineers / welding supervisors

We accompany you project from the first idea to operational success in all welding and testing procedures. 
Tailored to your needs and requirements, we develop suitable solutions according to the latest standards and regulations.

  • Welding supervision according to DIN EN ISO 14731 
  • Declaration of conformity (CE marking) according to DIN EN 1090-1 
  • Production control according to DIN EN 1090-2 resp. 3 
  • Welding procedure qualification and welding samples according to DIN ISO 15614, among others
  • Welder tests according to DIN EN ISO 9606 
  • Machine operator and setter tests according to DIN EN ISO 14732 
  • NDT for welding seam tests in the areas: VT, PT, MT, UT, at Level 2 and 3.

Our competences for you:

Many years’ experience of our welding engineers and welding specialists in production supervision and quality assurance in various areas.