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Engineering – Realizing your vision from start to finish

Our efficient and proven processes and developing methods are tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. After a thorough specification, thermodynamic design and current situation assessment at the site of the plant, a viable concept will be developed and implemented until final approval. Moreover, we provide support and maintenance during the entire life cycle of your plant.

Prototypes and special machines

According to your ideas we constantly develop new and convincing solutions for various machines and plants. Prototypes and special machines are created as 3D models on the computer before they are manufactured and put into operation.

Our services for you:

  • 3D CAD design 
  • Production and assembly
  • Commissioning and maintenance 
  • Production and assembly documentation 

High technological expertise and decades of experience in engineering make us a sought-after service provider for plants with high safety requirements.

Plant engineering

We plan and realize plants for various industries such as power generation or pharmaceuticals. When modernizing parts of an existing plant, cutting-edge measuring methods are applied. Modern CAD software is used when developing new plant components.


  • Design of plants or plant components 
  • Measuring of existing plants 
  • Selection of suitable components and fittings 
  • Manufacturing and production supervision as well as quality control (see test procedures / NDT)

FEM and CFD strength simulation and optimization

As to new machines we design critical components by using modern simulation methods. If necessary, our specialists provide all proofs of acceptance and operating permits for your plant. We are also happy to optimize partial aspects of existing designs by means of flow simulation (CFD) and other cutting-edge methods. 
Our services for you:

  • Static and dynamic strength verifications (FEM)
  • Vibration behavior
  • Thermal design
  • Flow simulation (CFD)
  • Multiphysics
  • Verification of earthquake resistance

Sustainable reverse engineering

Even decades-old machines and plants can be converted into digital CAD models and reconstructed on the basis of old technical drawings or defective parts. With this sustainable solution, we enable you to extend the operating life of your plant. At the same time, we optimize your machines with modern development tools so that for example it generates less heat loss, runs quieter or gets lower maintenance costs.

  • Developing CAD models based on old or defective components or old technical drawings
  • Optimizing the operating life through modern design methods (CAD, FEM, CFD) and manufacturing processes such as coating 
  • 3D scan of already existing components

Our competencies for you

Many years‘ experience in the following areas: design (CAD), modern simulation methods (FEM, CFD), thermo and flow dynamics, process engineering, environmental protection engineering, construction and commission of nuclear power plants, NDT testing, pumps and valves.